Otterly Adorable Elephant Squee-ls: Cute Animal Special!

I like cute fluffy things. I get a bit overexcited when I see cute fluffy things. I also suffer from cute aggression which is totally a real thing (maybe)… So M was very brave to take me to San Diego Zoo and Monterey Aquarium and to see the elephant seals in San Simeon.


We saw so many things at the zoo, I can’t list them all, or indeed remember them all! But here’s three of my favourite photos from the visit. There are tonnes more and they’re all so adorable so I’ll try to share some more in the near future.

Huggy Giraffes!

Huggy Giraffes!

Elephant :)

Elephant šŸ™‚

Roly-Poly Polar Bear

Roly-Poly Polar Bear

There’s this place called San Simeon that M has been to twice. This trip, we actually stayed there one night. The town is fairly… how can I put this nicely? ‘Sleepy’. But it’s famous for elephant seals! I don’t know why and there was no one to ask, but these gorgeous, blubbery, big-nosed squish-piles of fat and whiskers flock to one section of the coast. They don’t do much, just lie there soaking up the sun and occasionally gathering the energy to move a metre or two before resting again. They’re like the sloths of the sea.

Look how many there are piled into one small area! This isn't even all of them!

Look how many there are piled into one small area! This isn’t even all of them!

Close-up of Sir Blubber McFlubberson, Sr.

Close-up of Sir Blubber McFlubberson, Sr.

And… For the grand cute overload finale… SEA OTTERS!

Monterey has five female sea otters that earn their keep by adopting bubelah (that’s baby, for the uninitiated) otters that have been abandoned or rejected by their real mummies, or little orphan otters šŸ˜¦ We saw four of them, because the fifth was in the back looking after her newest ward.

I took an awesome video of them playing (if I do say so myself):

Watch til the end for Surprise Otter!

Hope you enjoyed the animal special and didn’t explode from the cuteness šŸ™‚

Bonus penguin:

Dim-witted penguin...

Dim-witted penguin…


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