San Francisco

I frickin’ LOVE this city. The architecture is beautiful, the bay is stunning, the people are really nice (shop assistants don’t seem to want to murder you like they do in New York) and… Oh. I just love this place so much even though we only spent 3 days here.

The views, the views, the views!

The views, the views, the views!

And (BONUS!) San Fran is the setting for the best film of all time, and a close runner up.

Princess Diaries

Princess Diaries

Mrs Doubtfire

Mrs Doubtfire

So, what did we do with our three days?!

We went to Pier 39 which was really fun. A bit Disneyesque in terms of kitschness (ey, two made-up words in one sentence!) but cool. We bought a few souvenirs and I hugged a big seal because it asked nicely to wear my hat.


We did quite a lot of shopping and I ate too much chocolate ice cream and felt a bit sick afterwards but it was worth it. We also visited M’s friend at his office. Not only do they have sofas, Lego, and an old phone box, but there are SWINGS in the office. It’s like a playground. I love it. I wonder if I can find a law firm with a slide in it… Actually there was a law office right on the bay, address Pier 9. Now that would be a cool place to work. One can dream, as they say!

We spent a morning being big kids at the Exploratorium, which is a big science museum with all interactive exhibits. It was really fun and interesting until I got shrunk whilst sitting on a totally normal sized chair. Then I was turned into a giant next to a totally normal sized bridge.

I ate at my first Cheesecake Factory but there was so much food I didn’t have room for cheesecake. American portion sizes are reeeeeedonkulous!

The only thing we didn’t do that we had planned was to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge. My knee is healing beautifully but the accident (sustained when I fell off a bike) knocked my confidence a lot more than I realised, and the fear of falling off again and having to go again to three A&E’s/health centres sadly was more powerful than my desire to do the activity. Oh well; gotta leave something for next time!



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