The plane ride to New York isn’t that long, but having had a total of 7 hours’ sleep in the 48 hours before, on-and-off napping during the flight and odd food at odd times, I had no concept of time when we arrived. But, we’re young and supposedly full of energy so went from the hotel to Macy’s, then to a bar with Mark’s brother, then to dinner in Times Square… And then to bed!!!

Some of you may know about the ‘gash’ on my left knee that has been described as gory, gruesome, disgusting, and (my favourite): “Oooooaaarrrrreurghputitawayeeee!!!” (Daddy Ross, 2015). Walking around with an open wound is not fun. I wanted it to scab over in the heat but ended up checking it for microscopic specks of dust every millisecond. And then it got wet in the rain and started oozing again. ICK.

So, wounds and jetlag aside, New York has been great so far, and the next day it got soooo much better…

Read on! 🙂



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