Mother Knows Best!

I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately, and how I totally abandoned it after the culmination of the Thyme-Travelling Chef. I genuinely blame it on uni commitments; a three-years-crammed-into-one law degree is MUCH more demanding than a geography degree (warning: make a dumb-ass colouring in joke and I punish you). I gave up a lot of hobbies temporarily but now it’s summer and I have time again…

My point? Well, this wasn’t my idea, as can be guessed by the post title. Mummy Ross suggests that while I slowly get back into writing stories, I use this blog to journal my holiday in America with Boyfriend. So I will. And will aim to make it funny and actually interesting. And maybe I’ll even post a few short stories if anything springs to mind (but no promises).

Yeeee-haaaw! Watch this space 😎 🇺🇸


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